De's Wild Rags Rough, Tough, Durable and Comfortable
De's Wild RagsRough, Tough, Durable and Comfortable



 Silk Wild Rags

Handmade in the U.S.A.


De's Wild Rags  only produces scarves of 100% silk.  Silk has a soft, luxurious feel that no other fabric has and  is the ideal fabric for scarves due to it's durability, breathability and quality. Our scarves are made individually in little Fort Laramie, Wyoming, with attention to detail and individual needs.  They are sewn securely with a shirt hem so that they will last and last. Sizes available are the standard 36 inch square, the 20 inch square, the 42 inch square and the new "Roy Rogers" style oblong with several widths and lengths.  Other sizes and shapes are available on request. 

The wild rag has long functioned as much more than an adornment.  Of course, a dapper cowboy or cowgirl would never go out without a colorful wild rag on their person.  In addition, however, silk makes these wild rags warm by filtering out the wind during the winter or cool by blocking the sun in summer.  And wild rags are just as great for dressing up for a western wedding or prom as they are for working out on the back forty. 


De's Wild Rags started making our silk wild rags and scarves to fill a need in the west for the rural western wear wardrobe made with good old American ethics. 

De's Wild Rags is intent on providing our clients with the highest quality products; rough, tough, durable and comfortable. We provide wild rags and scarves that won't chaff and will stand up to the test of a working man or woman while remaining comfortable to wear.  Be sure to visit our pages for photos of our brilliant solid colors and beautiful jacquards, as well as our "How to" page for one way of wearing these beautiful wild rags. We recommend machine washing and air drying in order to keep their color best, although if they sometimes slip in with the other work clothes and get washed and dried, it's not a problem, and actually makes them even softer.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions,  comments or special requests at or 1-307-575-0133.


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